Kozak System gave the second life to the track of end of 1980th - «The Christmas ballad», which was created by the ukrainian band, named «Banita Bayda».
"There will be very much christmas songs at this time, but we decided make it in another way: our country experiences a very important period, after which, we are sure, Ukraine will change and will become quite another – such about which we, Ukrainians, dream already three hundred years.  This song takes us from simple celebration of Christmas and deepens us in the context of Ukraine in this Christmas. It is a song, which symbolizes for us Christmas of Ukraine, birth of new Ukraine»
Volodymyr Sherstuik, Kozak System
Lyrics: Victor Nedostup
Music: Dmytro Dobriy-Vechir 
Mixing/Mastering: Igor Gromadsky
Artist: Olena Prugoda 
Choir: «Zernyatko» (an artistic leader is Raisa Zaklecka)
Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/kozaksystem/kozak-system-rzdvyana-balada
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