The stars check out the “Olympiyskiy” Stadium


The stars check out the “Olympiyskiy” Stadium

With 100 days left before the start of EURO 2012, the players of the football club “Maestro” checked out Ukraine’s top football arena –“Olympiyskiy”.  The players took the same route that each football player will take.  Representatives from the following bands were invited to inspect the sport complex – KOZAK SYSTEM, Tartak, S.K.A.Y., NeDiLya, Four Kings, Aviator – and singers Oleksiy Kuznyetsov, Larson, Vadym Oliynyk, Myroslav Kuvaldin and Viktor Pavliuk. 

Ivan Lenyo, KOZAK SYSTEM (a.k.a. Haydamaky until 2012) and player for FC “Maestro”

“…The stadium was interesting from the technological perspective – built according to European standards.  What I personally like is that the chairs are coloured yellow and blue.  What’s most important is that these walls provide the football players with a great game, and that the atmosphere that reigns here at this stadium helps them to score goals and win…”

The musicians walked the football players’ route: from the entrance of the arena to the seats in the stands and treated themselves to some fast-food.  The guests also tried out the stadium’s security and comfort services.  Guests were explained the principles of orientation on the stadium’s territory, and were shown both the public and VIP sectors.

The stars were personally convinced of the Olympic stadium’s readiness and are now real experts in orientation at the arena.