Volodymyr Sherstiuk

Bass guitar, vocals


August 9

in Vasylkiv, Kyiv Oblast


  • Kyiv School №200
  • Kyiv Polytechnical University
  • Life itself :)

A member of the band since:

From the very beginning – one of its founders

 (“Aktus” 1992-2000, “Haydamaky” from 2001)

About Music:

I listen to and love music which has an ethnic composition to it, but I also love punk, which very quickly delivers energy from the musician to the listener.  The greatest musical influence since childhood has been authentic Ukrainian song.

My favourite albums and artists:
 Bob Marley - Catch a Fire, Burning, Exodus
 Burning Spear - People of the World
 Toots & Maytals - Pressure Drop
 Linton Kwesi Johnson -  live in Paris
 Fanfare Ciocarlie - Quinns and Kings
 Fejat Sejdic - Featova Dirlada
 Asian Dub Foundation - Community Music
 Skatalites - SKA Foundation
 Czeslaw Niemen - Niemen Aerolit
 Fugazi - 13 songs
 RHCP - Californication, Stadium Arcadium
 Ramones - the Ramones
 Misfits - Collection
 Mariana Sadovska – Songs I Learned in Ukraine
 Cesaria Evora - Cabo Verde
 Buena Vista Social Club

About books:

  • Myroslav Dochynets – “Vichnyk – Confession of the Souls”
     Gabriel Garcia Marquez – “100 years of solitude”
     Fyodor Dostoyevsky – “Idiot”, “Karamazov Brothers”
     Vasyl Kozhelyanko – “Kotyhoroshko”
     Yuriy Andriukhovych – “12 Hoops”, “Perversion”
  • Taras Shevchenko - Kobzar

About Films:

 Lars Von Trier – “Breaking the Waves”
 Borys Ivchenko – “Lost Letter”
 Roberto Benigni – “La Vita e Bella”
 Emir Kusturica – “Time of the Gypsies”, “Underground”, Black kitten, white cat”
 Andrzej Zulawski – “Index - Love”
 Serhiy Parajanov – “Shadows of Forgotten Ancestors”
 Jim Jarmusch – «Dead Man»

I can’t see myself without:

Family, music, my bike, and travel. And also – lying on the banks of the Dnipro (Dnister, Shprei, Reina, Dunai, etc) and looking at the clouds (or stars).


“If you run out of strength, your will, stubbornness and endurance remain.”